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In the broad field of documentation, the circle of experience, abstraction, testing and use can be completed in both directions. So SIGDOC 2003 provides a forum for documentation specialists, researchers, and educators to contribute to a field in which theory informs practice and practice informs theory. How can we bring new theoretical or methodological frameworks to bear on old problems? How can we take advantage of practitioners' experience to advance, improve, or combine the methods and methodologies used in documentation? What are the benefits and costs if practitioners just ignore user modeling and charge ahead? How can we productively model context, activity, documents, and users? How does documentation experience affect user modeling? What tools enable quick and effective production of documentation and allow writers to own the content longer?

SIGDOC 2003 offers a forum for considering these questions and more. Like previous SIGDOC conferences, SIGDOC 2003 will be a uniquely intimate and affordable conference. The host city of San Francisco provides a particularly appropriate backdrop in which to consider the conference theme, as the Bay Area is one of the world's leading sites for up-to-date practice and leading-edge theory in the field of documentation.

We invite you to submit an abstract for paper or poster, or a proposal for a panel, workshop or tutorial. Join us in creating a productive environment for exchanging ideas, sharing expertise, and building professional relationships in the field of documentation.


ACM SIGDOC is the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) Special Interest Group for Design of Communication, a professional organization dedicated to advanced topics in documentation for and with computers.


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Early registration deadline extended to
September 14!

ACM SIGDOC's new name: Special Interest Group for Design of Communication

Workshop Call for Participation:
Documentation as Problem Solving for K-12 Literacy Programs

Upcoming Deadlines

Advance Registration Deadline extended
September 14, 2003

Special conference rate for hotel rooms until September 21.